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Nedlagt London

Derelict London är ett ovanligt fotografiskt porträtt – med över 8.000 foton av Paul Talling – av Storbritanniens huvudstad.

”Although it has quainter pleasures, much of the appeal of Paul Talling’s excellent little book Derelict London is in how it seems to trace the skeleton of a dead city while it is still in apparently rude health.In a city so devoted to making fast money, and busily fighting a one-way class war under the rubric of ”regeneration”, sweeping undesirables and their buildings away to the outskirts, it is almost comforting that relics and ruins still cling on to its landscape, throwing workaday time into a spin. As much as it is an inadvertent vision of how London might look after a catastrophe, Derelict London is valuable as a document of the one going on right in front of us.”


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