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Den tidigaste julinspelningen

Familjen Cromwell Wall.

Familjen Cromwell Wall i England hade en fonograf med vaxcylinder som de spelade in familjens evenemang med, bland annat julfirandet, från 1902 till 1917. Museum of London erhöll cylindrarna under 2008, och de har nu digitaliserats för alla att höra.

The sound is thought to be the oldest Christmas recordings on record, as they date back to 1902. There’s even one from Christmas Day that year of the family singing Angels from the Realms of Glory and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
    It was an unusual find at the time, not only because of the age and good condition, but because the phonograph and cylinders were so expensive in 1902. To record so much, let alone own one in the first place, required considerable wealth.

Geek.com finns en video som berättar om hur ljudet digitaliserades. Hela historien, med ljudfil, finns på Museum of London.

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